Sunday, 1 March 2015


It's March, you guys, March!! I've never been so happy to be going into Spring. Blossom is starting to appear on the trees, crocus' and snow drops are popping up everywhere, the UK is coming back to life. Winter seems to have gone on for so long this year with the cold weather sticking around for so long but I'm hoping it'll be warming up in no time.

In February I...
  • Perfected the art of pancake making, and then ate too many;
  • Found a frog on the allotment & made it sit in my deckchair for photos;
  • Took some scenic routes home from work and discovered some fabulous buildings;
  • Bought a lot of new pens, I blooming love stationary;
  • Invited my pie loving buddies to go on a pie date;
  • Bought a lot of daffodils;
  • Continued to go to all my gym classes, I've only missed one so far this year. 
I've been a bit quiet here the last few weeks but I have a lot of posts to catch up on, including the last of my New York photos which I'm sure you've had enough of already, ha! 

But for now, welcome Spring - I'm so glad to be in you.



  1. I'm so glad it's March now too - I can just feel that spring is around the corner now! The photos of the frog are so cute, and I love seeing all of the daffodils, they're my favourite flower, so sunny! - Tasha

  2. We only ate pancakes for one day in Feb, because we ran out of eggs. We usually eat them a good few times before the end of the month... sad times.

  3. Im happy that Spring is coming but Im sad that the year is moving so fast! haha
    That frog just made my day!