Monday, 2 February 2015

See ya January

I'm sure I'm not the only one breathing a deep sigh of relief that January is over? The suckiest month of the year is out of the way, the days are beginning to pull out - hello leaving work in day light, spring is well and truly on the way.. things are on the up.

Despite suffering from a major case of the holiday blues - I'm still missing NYC like mad, January was an ok month. Here are some of the highlights:
  • I picked up some new vinyl at Exeter Record Fair
  • We drove up to Hereford to celebrate Amy's 30th birthday at a surprise party
  • There were some spectacular sunsets
  • I made a good start on digging over the grass patch at the allotment - when the ground wasn't frozen anyway
  • Many walks were had in the sunshine
  • I made my first batch of homemade sausage rolls, they were delicious
  • I upped my game at the gym to 6 classes a week, taking up Yoga and Pilates to try something new, I'm already feeling the benefits
I'm hoping for good weather, lots of time up the allotment and some bike rides in February.

Laters, January!



  1. Oh,w ell done on your allotment progress - I've not got anywhere with mine although I've bought some raspberry canes.

  2. All purchases count as progress though don't they? I'm compiling a shopping list of what to get, it's so exciting. x

  3. 6 classes a week???? Blimey!!! I'm glad January is out the way too xx

  4. Everyone is having great sunsets lately! I'm always home too late to catch them :( How's the allotment coming on? I guess there isn't much to do in the wintertime.

  5. For it being the 'slow' month of the year I think it's been a pretty good one.
    Go you beasting it at the gym!! I'm hoping you have many more walks in February so I can see the photos!


  6. I'm glad they're getting later, I had leaving work in the dark. The allotment is going well, not a lot growing but a lot of digging to do for spring. x

  7. There will definitely be more walks. I'm so glad spring is coming so I can get out and about more. xx