Thursday, 5 February 2015

New York | Under the Brooklyn Bridge

After our walk across the Brooklyn Bridge we headed down to the river bank to enjoy the views of Manhattan from Brooklyn, and take a whole lot of photos. It's been on my bucket list to see the skyline at night for a long, long time and I finally got to tick it off. The city looks so beautiful all lit up, but so calm and peaceful considering how many millions of people are scurrying around.

After reading about Janes Carousel on Naomi's blog I really wanted to check it out. I wish we'd been able to go on it and will definitely be heading back there next time, what a view!

If you get the chance to go for a wander around under the Brooklyn Bridge you should definitely check out Brooklyn Industries and a the other quirky stores dotted around. I wish we'd stayed longer.



  1. Ah your New York posts are making me want to go back so badly. It has been over five years since i went. I loved Brooklyn Bridge. X

  2. Oh my goodness, what incredible photographs. The Manhattan is so beautiful.

    I've actually just sent this post to my friend who's going to NY in May so she knows about Jane's Carousel - what a magical attraction!


  3. I love that one black and white photo! It really adds some atmosphere to the scene. It's such an iconic skyline.

    Shame you didn't get a chance to go on the carousel though!

  4. thank you :) I can't think of a more amazing location for a carousel. Hope your friend has an amazing time. x

  5. Lets gooooo!! I'm ready to go back now.x

  6. Thank you lovely. I'm definitely getting a b&w photo printed. My favourite skyline. x

  7. Ach, gorgeous.
    The carousel looks pretty fabulous and your photos are completely doing NY justice.
    Step child number two is there at the moment and I'm not jealous. No siree, not at all...
    M x