Tuesday, 10 February 2015

New York | Day Three

On our third day in the big apple we decided to head up to towards Central Park via Grand Central Terminal, FAO Schwarz and the Apple store so I could buy a MacBook (eek). The Chrysler building, possibly my favourite building in NYC, is right behind Grand Central Terminal so we killed two birds with one stone and got snaps of both at the same time, architecture heaven!!

The ceiling in Grand Central Terminal is just amazing, I do not envy the poor artists who had to paint it though.

We then headed up 5th Avenue towards FAO Schwarz, stopping for 5 minutes to watch the Salvation Army guys dancing to 1D, they were so so good. You can see a video of them here.

No trip to FAO Schwarz would have been complete without a go on Zoltar, best $1 I spent ha. The lego statues were pretty impressive too!



  1. I spent 6 weeks in New York over the summer last year, and I miss it. I worked over the street from Grand Central and I used to go and sit in there and eat lunch. Its so gorgeous, and it really makes you feel part of New York. Thats a werid comment but I stick by it!

  2. Wow those lego statues are really impressive!

  3. ZOLTAR!!
    And lego Batman. Awesome.
    Happy new Macbook to you too.
    M x