Sunday, 1 March 2015

New York | Billy Joel

The main reason we went to New York was because my Dad managed to get us tickets to see God aka Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden for the Christmas show as part of his franchise. My whole family are huge Bill fans and have travelled to the states to see him a couple of times now, dedication hey?

Our seats were up on the highest level, which actually worked out well because we had bar seats on a clear glass balcony, not far from the stage. The view was perfect so obviously I took a lot of photos, which you'll be pleased to hear I've condensed. The other bonus was Jamie Cullum was the support act and he was really great too.

If you've seen the Joel before you may have had the pleasure of seeing 'Chainsaw', the guitar tech, come on and sing Highway to Hell. It's just amazing and so much fun, especially with fire extinguishers. A cool little story... years ago when we saw Bill at Southampton Rose Bowl we took a chainsaw banner and ran to the front of the crowd when he came on. Bill saw it and pointed to us, it was one of the proudest moments of my life, and definitely my Dads, ha. His hero pointing to his kids definitely made his day, probably year even.

And that was Bill. Three hours of singing our hearts out, almost losing our voices and our shit with excitement. Until next time Mr Joel, you rock!!



  1. You got some good shots there! I do love live music!

    1. Me too. I definitely don't go to enough gigs.