Friday, 24 October 2014

Monthly Thrift | September

I just realised we're almost at the end of October and I haven't shared last months thrifty finds with you yet... I didn't find a lot in September but what I did find was pretty awesome...

This floral vintage M&S skirt was £2.99 | Force...

These records ranged from 50p - £1 | boot sale...

I'm still collecting Readers Digest books, this one was 20p and the stainless steel fork was £1 | boot sale...

Not so thrifty but I've regretted selling my Megadrive ever since I got rid of it and I was chuffed to bits to pick this bundle up from a local independent game shop in Exeter for £25 | Critical Mass

I picked up these chairs for £4, they're my new allotment chairs for when I need a tea break from all the digging | boot sale

I didn't buy these but a seller at the boot sale had a bunch of old Roberts radios, I'm regretting not getting one now...

Hopefully October's finds will come earlier in the month next time!!



  1. I like the chairs and the fun chairs!x

    1. They've already been very useful up at the allotment. x

  2. I haven't found a good bargain in ages! But then, I haven't really had the time to check them out. Sigh

    1. I hate it when I don't have time to look but it's probably a good thing for my hoarding problem, ha. x

  3. So jealous about the megadrive! Oh the memories! x