Monday, 6 October 2014

Adventures in Exeter #9

Last week I finally treated myself to a new DSLR to replace the 10 year old beast that I've been neglecting due to the fact it was old and weighs a ton. As Holly and I have been planning some adventures, I thought I better get out and experiment with my new toy asap.

The weather was pretty good one evening so when I got home from work Rich and I got our stuff together and went for a mooch around to take some photos. We spent a good chunk of time around the Quay so I could experiment with light and reflections, I'm pretty pleased with how they came out.


Prepare to see a lot more photos coming to my old blog, because there weren't enough already!!



  1. These are superb photos! That was a good investment!x

  2. These are great!! I really love the night shots! I need to work on my night photography, but we don't very often go out in the dark.

    Seriously lovely photos!