Monday, 22 September 2014

Mr & Mrs Griffiths - The Day Time

Way back at the end of July one of my best uni girls got hitched in Hereford, and what a day it was. We all gathered at the nearby Travelodge to get our glad rags on and head over the to church together to watch our Newmie become 'Newmie' no more. Needless to say Amy looked absolutely beautiful and the whole service was perfect, I only cried once and I promise it wasn't because I was so jealous of the Beetle. I can't quite believe it has been over 3 years since we were sat in our uni house, drafting the perfect flirty yet cool yet casual texts for Amy to send to Stu, planning every date outfit and giving pep talks. They're such a great couple and really bring out the best in each other.

Seeing some of my favourite girls all dressed up was so nice, to this day I still think Kelly looked SO Hollywood, and Amy and her 8 month old bump were just blooming - the bump which is now a gorgeous baby boy who we've all cuddled to death and fought over who got to steal him, ha!

I had to share all of these photos because they make me laugh so much. We thought we'd be clever and lift up the bride, well you can see what happened...

Amy and Stu really lucked out on the weather, it was scorching (there were a few lobsters around by the time the evening do kicked off), it was just perfect. I've saved the evening photos for a second post, because we all know I'm snap happy ;)



  1. Oh dear, that's funny with the shot where she fell over! So lovely to see wedding posts of uni friends, I went to a uni friend's wedding a month ago and we've waited 13 years for that wedding!!!!x

  2. Aw that looks like such a nice wedding. I have yet to have any of my friends get married. I think Ill be a ball of tears but also be amazed that Im at that age where my friends are actually getting married!