Monday, 11 August 2014

Tesco Clubcard Boost

Like 99% of the female population I have been lusting over Kitchenaids for a long time but lets be honest, who has £429 on a mixer? Not me! I'd been eyeing up cheaper alternatives and saw this Breville mixer in Tesco for £52, much more in my price range and it's MINT! As if by magic a couple of days later an email popped up in my inbox from Tesco about their clubcard boost meaning I could double the value of my vouchers, which coincidentally I had been saving to exchange for Longleat tickets. Long story short I hopped on their website and saw the mixer now had £10 off and was included in the double up offer so it had to be ordered at the total cost of £18!!! The blender was also on offer for £30 so I couldn't resist that either. Thanks to good ol' Tesco I got both pieces for the total price of £48, saving me £44.50 off the full price.

The Clubcard boost is running until the 8th September and there are so many bargains to be had, it's definitely worth checking out.



  1. I think my toaster is Breville haha, it's still going strong after a good few years and a move to the continent!

    ~ K

    1. Haha so is mine. They seem to be good enough to me.