Saturday, 9 August 2014

Taking Stock | July

Making: Homemade lemonade
Cooking: Tagliatelle, chopped tomatoes and feta cheese, a lot
Drinking:  Homemade lemonade
Reading: Evil Revelations by David Smith
Wanting: A week or two lounging on a beach 
Looking: forward to my week off next week
Playing: Scrabble and losing every time
Deciding: What to grow on the allotment over winter
Wishing: The good weather returns next week
Enjoying: This great weather, still
Waiting: for the new Gaslight Anthem album to come out
Liking: Kimonos
Wondering: If I can pull off a kimono
Loving: All of Kaelah's photos of baby Linden
Pondering: What to get rid of and what to keep
Considering: Life
Hoping: Lilly the dog get's better soon
Marvelling: At this planet, it blows my mind sometimes
Needing: to stop buying things 
Noticing: The evenings pulling in already
Knowing: How lucky I am to have such awesome family and friends
Thinking: About places I want to visit
Admiring: My beautiful friend Amy for going a week overdue and giving birth to a beautiful baby
Smelling: Night time summer air
Wearing: as little as possible in this heat
Sorting: still sorting through my 'junk'
Buying: a vintage dresser from a house clearance
Getting: Excited about seeing great friends next month
Bookmarking: DIY ideas for pallets
Opening: a new book
Giggling: at bad jokes, always
Snacking: Nectarines and watermelon, a lot 
Feeling: Excited about two weeks off in August
Hearing: Crickets in the grass all over the allotment

If anyone fancies playing along please leave me a comment so I can check it out.


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  1. I'm have this template sitting waiting for me to write a post haha! I will get around to doing one eventually! I've never made my own lemonade, I think I'm missing out. I must try it sometime as it's so simple!

    ~ K