Friday, 15 August 2014

Monthly thrift | July

July was awesome on the thrifting front and I'm so chuffed with some of my purchases...

These two cases and camera bag were £10 for all three
I love these jars with weird faces, this guy was 50p at the car boot
I picked up these records at the car boot and from the Hospice shop for a grand total of £1.49
These butterflies were gifted to me by Rich's Dad, I LOVE them!
A couple more observers and Readers Digest books to add to my collections
This Imperial typewriter was £3 at the car boot
While browsing on Gumtree I saw this dresser and instantly fell in love. When we arrived at the house to collect it turned out the couple were clearing their uncles house and there were all sorts of treasures. I scored this footstool for £3 and the dresser for £15, I don't have room for the mirror to be on it just yet but I am smitten.

Another great thing about the car boot is the fruit and veg stalls, I picked up a tray of nectarines for £3.


Sid the camera guy is at the boot sale every week without fail and is an absolute gem. I've nicknamed him Sid Delicious (not vicious) because he's just so lovely, and I love old people.


We've seen some great classic cars while we've been out thrifting, and some not so great dolls!

Happy thrifting.



  1. You've certainly scored some bargains recently :) I love that those books make a rainbow - they look beautiful! xxx

  2. car boots are definitely something I miss when I'm not in the UK.

    I have been wanting to get a vintage suitcase for so SO long! I'm actually jealous right now! Awesome collection of bits!

  3. OMG you did SO WELL. i adore everything!

  4. Lovely goodies, well done :) xx