Sunday, 13 July 2014


On Friday we said goodbye to the best cat in the world, Arnie. Before I met Rich I hated cats, they terrified me, but thanks to Arnie (and the fact that Rich's mum had 6 cats), I learned to love them. Arnie was the most loving cat you'll ever meet, he would talk to you when he wanted food or if he had been out in the rain and wanted to be dried off, he would sit by your feet and stare at you until you put a pillow down for him to lie on, or cleared his spot in the corner of the sofa. He'd walk on my head and neck or headbutt me at 3am when he wanted a belly rub, his favourite thing in the world. He was Rich's best friend for the last 17 years and he will be missed a lot. 

Sleep tight, Arnie the cat. 


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  1. I'm so sorry! But just think of all those years of enjoying his company and his love. That's nothing to be sad about :) Keep your chin up!