Monday, 14 April 2014

Pomps Patch #7

Another weekend has gone by on Pomps Patch. We've almost got one half of our plot finished and fully working, we just have two bed frames to add tonight and then we're on our way to edible goodness.
After a lot of consideration we are planning on trying to sweet talk one of the old boys into rotovating our 'wild side' in exchange for money/beer/hugs. Rich has been busy building beds while I have been weeding, sewing and pulling up the endless amounts of rotten carpet.

So far I am loving spring on the allotment. The asparagus are shooting, the fruit trees are blossoming and the bushes are well, getting bushy. My windowsills are full of seedlings and getting an hour or two up there after work is just great.

Can you spot what Rich is growing? ;)



  1. Hahaha! Is that "testicles" I spotted there?! xx (p.s. I really hope it was, or else I look like a right weirdo...)

    1. It is indeed haha! Rich thought it would be funny to write it and hide it in amongst my labels. xx