Friday, 11 April 2014

An after work cycle

Do you ever get those days where you're so sick of being stuck inside? Just before the clocks changed my brother and I got home from work and slumped on the sofa, a bit tired and grouchy but mainly just fed up of being stuck inside on the few days that the sun was actually shining. Craving a bit of fresh air we got off our backsides, grabbed our bikes and went for a quick 3 mile ride along the river. It was the perfect evening, fairly mild, that lovely kind of haze as the sun goes down, no wind, and the river and canal were so still they looked like glass. 

It was so good to get back on Claudia, I have missed my two wheeled friend more than I thought possible (yes, I am that sad). It's going to be great adding her to my fitness routine now the days are longer, and I'm looking forward to adding her shiny new pannier rack, bags and saddle cover over the weekend. She's such a babe!


Hope you had a great weekend.


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