Monday, 28 April 2014

Adventures in Exeter #1

Now that the days are longer I've definitely been craving getting out and about a bit more. I love day trips, but it occurred to me that I have lived in this ol city of mine for 27 years and there are still a lot of nooks and crannies that I am yet to explore. So with that in mind Rich and I have decided that we will spend a bit more time strolling around this city, armed with our cameras, and seeing just how much is on offer. 

On our first wander we kind of cheated and stayed close to home. We'd spent most of the day at Rich's Nans 80th birthday party so as it was a particularly beautiful day, we grabbed our cameras and went for a mooch around the Quay and the houses above it, stopping for a drink along the way. There are some beautiful old terraced buildings that I didn't even know existed, plus some amazing views up and down the river. 


I'm looking forward to doing a lot more exploring over the coming months.



  1. Lovely photo's. Claire lives in one of those houses that over look the quay :) xx

  2. Beautiful pictures! Exeter is one of those places I must've flown by on the motorway millions of times but only actually ventured into the centre once or twice - which is so silly considering it would only take about 2 hours or so to get there. I really must try and visit sometime! :-) x

    1. You really should, it's a lovely city :) x