Monday, 17 March 2014

Pomps Patch #6

On Saturday I spent a whole day up on the allotment. This is a pretty big deal seeing as the weather has been so rubbish until now, but you knew that already anyway. There are finally signs of life up there, the onions, garlic, broad beans, fruit bushes and asparagus are all shooting up and it's very, very exciting. These little shoots are ours, we have grown them ourselves, our first crops. I really can't wait for our first harvest.

Anyway there is still a lot to do up there and we are really behind on preparing the other half of our plot. So for now the raised beds are ticking along, allowing us to focus on the jungle side and get the ground ready for all the seedlings that are growing on my windowsills at home. Rich has been making more raised beds and I have been pulling up all the carpet. Although carpet is great for stopping weeds in the short term, leaving it to sink into the ground for years is far from ideal, and is exactly what the previous owner of our plot has done. The carpet is EVERYWHERE!! And with it is grass, weeds, random planks of wood, that all need pulling up before we can even think about turning it over. I made good progress this weekend though and can't wait to get it all to the tip so we can really get stuck in.

My favourite thing by far however has been coming across hundreds of creepy crawlies. There are clusters of ladybugs, worms, snails, woodlice, spiders, frogs, centipedes, ants, slugs, caterpillars, maggots, etc, etc. It's fascinating, but also makes you really itchy!!

Ladybird family 
The ugly bug ball
The asparagus has started shooting


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  1. Looking good & eating your own crop will make all the hard work worthwhile :) xx