Friday, 21 March 2014

A sunny weekend in March

After months of rain it finally seems like spring is here, well almost anyway. The past ten days have been warm, sunny and just bloomin' lovely, I've even gone out without a cardigan!!! Blue skies and sunshine means one thing, getting out of the house, so I did. There something about good weather that makes you really appreciate where you live.

Anyway this weekend Rich and I spent all day Saturday on the allotment, and Sunday running errands and catching up with family. I headed over to my sisters for some quality time with my nephew, playing tractors and being bossed around was great, especially when he would say "I need more petrol Aunty Sarah", which was my queue to fill his tractor up and give him a high five before he set off around the garden again. It was the perfect day to take some flowers up to my Mum's grave and take in the beauty of the church surrounded by buttercups and daisies.

The rest of the day was for housework and decluttering for me, and football for Rich. We even squeezed in a quick walk around the quay and the trading estate to look at fish - I want to get goldfish at the weekend.

Silverton church
Exeter Cathedral Green
Exeter Quay

Hope you all had a great weekend.


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