Friday, 7 March 2014

A change in direction

I'm not really one for making New Years resolutions, which is probably a good thing seeing as it's now March. In many ways I love to plan (list writing is definitely one of my hobbies), but at the same time I like to see where life takes me. Sometimes this is great, being spontaneous is great for the soul, but sometimes I definitely need direction. So this year I have made a couple of goals for myself.

1. Get more active. This is probably on everyone's resolution/goal list at the start of every year, but so far I am sticking to it and loving it. I haven't been skinny since the day I was born, fact! Like a lot of people my weight has yo yo'd over the years, and now I am ready to shift it and keep it off. My over all goal is to lose about 4+ stone, with at least 2 of those being going before my best friends wedding in June.
About 7 weeks ago I started 'Back to Netball' with two of my loveliest friends and ex colleagues. Bekah is the fitness queen/ninja and has been a massive inspiration to me, so much so that Anna and I now join her for Body Combat on a Tuesday and Thursday (back to back with netball, killer!). It's been great! Instead of dreading exercise and turning into a sweaty lobster face, I now look forward to it each week. We laugh, sweat, pull muscles (Anna), get hit in the face with balls (Anna) and just have a really good time. 

This also prompted me to get a full membership, so Rich and I now have gym dates. We still get to spend time together, but instead of just sitting on the sofa watching Netflix, we're getting healthy and fit, and have a whole lot of banter at the same time. 

2. Sort out my 'career'. At the moment I am doing an admin job within the financial services sector, absolutely nothing to do with my degree in events management. Living in Exeter is pretty restrictive in regards to jobs in events, but this year I want to try and get back into it. Over the next couple of weeks I will be blitzing my CV, signing up to every recruitment agency and trying my hardest to get back into what I love. 
I am also very lucky in that there is the opportunity for progression in my current job role. I have mentioned before that I have been taking exams in financial planning. Well they haven't been going so well/I have failed them a couple of times. This year I want to try harder. Exams are not something I thrive in, give me an essay and I will write, write, write, but an exam in something that I have no experience in and that I have to read and learn a mahoosive book, cover to cover, in order to pass, is something that I am struggling with. So now, for an hour each night, every night, I will learn these damn books. 

My next exam is next week so please bear with me on the blog front, passing this beast is my focus and blogging will no doubt die down until it is over.   

I'll be back to share some of my other goals with you soon.


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  1. You'll be wearing those cats tights in no time! Good luck with your exam :) xx