Monday, 27 January 2014

What room can be eaten? A mushroom!

One of my favourite things about the countryside is when you come across mushrooms / toadstools / fungi. I have many memories from my childhood of going mushroom hunting in the fields and National Trust grounds near my home, usually with my Dad or as a family, it was great. Armed with a Readers Digest guide, we picked the edible 'shrooms and left the rest. It's strange how much I love to pick them even though I hate the taste of them. While I've been cat sitting at my Dads there have been a variety of mushrooms, toadstools and fungi appearing in the garden and the woodland around the house, it's been pretty great. You've got to love the variety of colours, plus when you find one that's fallen over it's like a big party and all the bugs have been invited. 

 Toadstool or Nipple?

I originally wrote this post back in the autumn and forgot all about it, but these little shrooms were too cool not to share, well to me anyway!


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