Monday, 13 January 2014


I can't believe Christmas has been and gone and we're already almost half way through January, madness. Before the year runs away with me I thought I'd share some of my highlights from Christmas 2013. This year I spent Christmas eve at Rich's house with his family, and woke up there on Christmas day to get the festivities up and running. I was well and truly spoiled with treats from him and his family; a new dress, lots of allotment related goodies, a mahoosive Yankee candle, a wicker basket and some pretty amazing flamingo lights, to name a few. Then I donned the christmas jumper and headed to my Dad's for a quiet day with him, his partner and my brother. Very relaxed, lots of food and even more presents, win!

On Boxing day the whole gang gathered at my Dads for another fun day. My favourite thing about Christmas by far was seeing how much Jack, my nephew, enjoyed it. When I think back to his first Christmas he pretty much slept the whole time, but now at 2 years and 2.5 months, he was bloomin' loving it. He is the biggest fan of all things farm and train related, what that boy couldn't tell you about tractors isn't worth knowing. So we got him a huge John Deer tractor, his face lit up with excitement and he had a good play with it before moving on to his next present and saying 'and that one' ha. That little monkey is an absolute corker. 

I finally faced my fears and got to grips with my sewing machine so that I could make Alice (James' girlfriend) and Grace (her twin sister) these Flamingo cushions, they both love a tropical print, they loved them!

I'm so glad we got to have my Nan out for Boxing day, the whole day was a bit too tiring and overwhelming for her and I don't think she'll be up to coming again. We'll definitely all cherish these memories.

Hope you all had a fab time and stayed safe over the festive season. Now bring on spring!!!


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