Monday, 7 October 2013


On Saturday Rich and I had our 2nd anniversary, time flies! With a budget of £5 we searched the high street for gifts and ended up buying each other a notebook from Paperchase, Rich's is a travel journal, mine is for our new allotment (as long as all goes to plan), great minds think alike hey! 
As we're currently cat sitting for my Dad we decided to spend the day at the seaside, Rich wanted to use his camera and I wanted to hit the charity shops, before getting some chips & sitting on the beach. Sadly the chips were pretty rubbish so we splashed out on enormous & delicious ice creams that were as big as our faces. With ice cream all over our faces we strolled along the beach, I had my saltwater sandals on so paddled in the sea, I think Rich was ready to punch me if I said "it's so warm" one more time, ha, but it really was like a summers day, I'd have gone for a swim if I'd been more prepared. Instead I settled for jumping waves, dodging dogs that were shaking as they came out of the water, and collecting sea glass. 

Rich: "I can't smile, the sun's in my eyes", me: "shut up and smile"

These ice creams were as big as our faces!
I could have watched this man and his dog for hours!

The charity shop gods were particularly generous this week, I got this stash of fabric; one pillowcase, 5m of spotty fabric and a large gingham tablecloth; from Save the Children for £6, bargain! 

Hope you all had a great weekend.



  1. I have a heap of Grow Your Own magazines for your new allotment if you want them? We have found them really useful...? Xx

    1. Ohh yes please, that would be lovely :) how are you feeling now? xx

  2. Happy anniversary :) Bargain fabric, I would've charged more for that! x