Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Day Trippin' #15 Weston Super Mare

A couple of weekends ago Rich and I made our annual trip to Weston Super Mare so his grandparents could visit their friend, Herman. If you want to catch up on the story of how our trips have come about, you can recap here. Anyway, unlike last year we weren't so lucky with the weather and I can only describe it as your stereotypical British summer at the seaside. It rained, was cold and Weston was full of northerners on their holidays. We had a few hours to kill so headed into town, mooched around the charity shops, I bagged a vintage midi skirt, grabbed some lunch, walked around one of the worst 'vintage' markets I've ever been too (seriously, about 75% of it was brand new mass produced handbags), before the obligitory trip to the pier and amusements. Sadly we didn't win anything this time, it was so busy we didn't stick around too long. I did manage to persuade Rich to go on 'Shocker', a ride that is meant to feel like you're in an electric chair where you hold on for as long as possible until the shock becomes unbareable, it was the best £1 I've ever spent haha! There is a video on my Instagram if you want to check it out, the reason the camera is shaking is because I was shaking with laughter!

When we went back to Herman's to pick up Rich's grandparents we took the annual group photographs. Herman is on the left, Rich's Nan is in the middle and his Grandad is on the right. This year marked Herman's 90th birthday, and as always I wanted to bring him home with me, I can't stand the thought of old people being alone! Until next year Herman....


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  1. What a lovely group photo :) Shame about the weather xx