Friday, 2 August 2013

Day Trippin' #14 Devon Dub Fest

Well it seems like a while since I've written one of these posts. Don't worry though, I have been out and about but since Rich busted his ankle playing football (no good can come from football), we haven't been out for many day trips or bike rides, sobs! On Saturday however I dragged him around Devon Dub Fest at Bicton. I really wanted to go last year but the lack of pennies made the £10 ticket fee a bit too difficult to justify. This year however there was no way I was going to miss it, even with the rain and thunderstorms! 

It was the first VW show I'd been to, after hearing great stories and seeing awesome purchases that my big Sis had made at various shows over the years I really really wanted to go. Devon Dub Fest seemed like the best choice as it was so close so even though the tickets were pretty pricey we didn't have to pay loads to get there, winner! The show itself was a lot smaller than I was expecting, apparently the turn out of VW's wasn't as good as last years but I was in my element none the less. There were a few traders, my favourite being a lovely lady from Ottery selling handmade cushions from vintage fabrics, I will share a photo of my new 'driving cushion' as soon as I remember to take one in my car, it's a beaut though! Unfortunately a lot of the stalls seemed to belong at a car boot rather than a car show so we avoided them unless we needed shelter from the rain (oops). 

As the rain kept coming the amount of photos I took was pretty limited *sobs*, but I will have some from my film cameras once I've had them developed. For now though here are a selection of photos from the show. I completely fell in love with the soft top Beetle, it's beautiful, and the teal splitty, oh and the red Beetle, and the blue bay, sod it, I want them ALL!!!!

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