Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Adventures with Claudia and Merlin #2

Welcome back to the adventures with Claudia and Merlin. Last week Rich and I once again strapped the bikes on to the car and headed towards to sea. We wanted to get a good ride in so headed to Powderham with the plan of following the coast to Dawlish, most of which is flat and you only have to go on the road a couple of times. The best part of this cycle ride was it was all about nature. I've been loving Springwatch on BBC2 so was on the look out for any nature related treats. As we cycled through Cockwood (ha ha) we stumbled across a lovely family of Geese, the mum and dad were guiding their little babies around the golf course and hissing at anyone getting too close, you've got to love how protective they are. 
It was plain peddling until we got to Dawlish Warren when we encountered a couple of problems. Firstly we were informed that you couldn't take bikes on the sea wall between Dawlish and Dawlish Warren, so we would have to cross the railway line and go up and over the cliff and back down to Dawlish, not too bad (apart from the hills) until my handlebars came loose, going down hill, needless to say I squeeled a lot haha. But thanks to a very nice man with an allen key at the amusement arcade we were soon on our way again.
As a reward for making it up the hill we treated ourselves to a scrummy clotted cream ice cream from Gays Creamery (teehee) and had a stroll along the seafront before heading back up and over the cliff for the return journey.

My favourite part of the bike ride was coming back past Powederham Castle. You can usually see some Deer roaming the grounds in the distance, but we were really lucky to come across two that were right next to the road and feeling particularly friendly and photogenic. We hung around for a while just watching and pretending we could speak Deer, as you do, then discovered that around the corner a few Heron's were nesting in the trees and were on the hunt to feed their babies, they're beautiful birds and sound amazing as they fly over.

What are your spring highlights?



  1. Beautiful pictures, I love the deers xx

    1. Rich literally had to drag me away from them :) xx