Sunday, 23 June 2013

Day trippin' #13 An Exe'pedition

On those rare days that we've had some proper summer weather, Rich & I have taken every opportunity possible to get out and enjoy it, usually on our bikes! One of the perks of living by the Quay is having miles and miles of flat cycle paths to explore, with a pub every couple of miles to stop for a nice cold beverage. 
A couple of times now we've ventured to The Turf Hotel at the mouth of the river Exe, stopping along the way to take in any of natures of gems that we happen to come across. In true spring fashion, there were baby creatures aplenty, some of which were more photogenic than others. My favourites by far have been the Cygnets, floating along in all their feathery glory and their protective parents at their side. We also happened to come across a grass snake, even though Rich and I aren't their biggest fans we had a good look before it slithered off into the undergrowth once more.

It's just as well these guys wore their high vis jackets on this beautifully sunny day or we may 
not have seen them!

If you cross the Exe you can stop off at my favourite place in Devon, Topsham! If you want cute cafes, 10 pubs, charity shops and lots of wildlife it's the place to be. No visit would be complete without a picnic, spot the edited photo of the cat coming out of the river, ha! As a big bargain hunter I was so so happy to have found this sewing box in the antiques shop for £15, a bargain and still has some of the previous owners haberdashery treats, a win win for me.

I'm thinking of starting a new regular feature about our bicycle adventures, hopefully they won't bore you too much and I'll try and get some horrendously funny photos to throw in too!



  1. haha.... I didn't spot the cat at first!!! Lovely photo's. I was hoping you'd come to Crikey this weekend, I wanted to see your bike :) xx

    1. How did it go? I wanted to pop out but I'm house sitting in Ottery again and was in Torquay on sat for a tattoo so didn't have the time :( We should meet at a pub one day, I'll bring Claudia xx