Monday, 10 June 2013

Day trippin' #12 The English Riviera

Well it's been a while since I last wrote a 'day trippin' post but now they're back. A couple of weeks ago I posted about my new foot tattoo, and you might remember me saying that I would be going back to get my other foot done, well that time came last weekend. As summer has hit us with a vengance we packed up a picnic and hit the road nice and early to find somewhere to park. 

Despite my first foot tattoo getting slightly infected I was pretty excited about getting the second one done. Weirdly this one was a bit more uncomfortable, apparently one side of your body can be more sensitive than the other, who knew? But it was definitely worth an hour of the burn to get such a sweet finished product. For me, the worst part of the experience was going out into the 22 degree weather afterwards, feeling like a human green house wasn't pleasant but it was totally worth it to see the English Riviera in all its glory. Like any town it can look pretty grotty on a miserable day, but when the sun comes out it's a whole other ball game. The harbour was beautiful, the sea was crystal clear, and the tourists were everywhere, but it felt like we could have been abroad. Rich mooched and I hobbled around, we took photos, ate ice cream and then headed home. 

Here are a couple of photos..

If you missed my previous post about why I got these tattoos I'll give you a quick recap. After wanting my feet tattooed for a couple of years I decided these should be ones with real meaning, rather than some of the more random pieces on my 'tattoo to do list'. So I chose to dedicate a piece to both sets of grandparents. My left foot is for my Dad's parents who met in Newquay during the war, hence the anchor, it's a beautiful story that I might share with you one day. My right foot is for my Mum's parents, a sword because my Grandad used to love showing us his swords from the war, and a rose because my Nan has a bed of roses in memory of my Mum. These are the kind of stories I'll enjoy telling people when they ask 'why did you get them?'.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Those are beautiful tattoos, what a wonderful tribute. My sister and I have been talking for ages about what tattoo would be best to tribute my beautiful grandmother, I hope we can nail down a design and get it done this summer!

    I love your photos as well, I wish I could jump right on in.


    1. Thank you so much. My only advice is to just sit and think about what reminds you of her. Even if its drinking tea, teacups make lovely tattoos. It's nice to have a piece of them with you. I'm looking forward to seeing what you go with. x

  2. I love the tattoo stories :) It looks beautiful there but where is the WKD girl?!!! xx

    1. Oh Joe, I thought she might have been a bit much for the old blog world. Maybe she'll make an appearance though.. xx