Friday, 14 June 2013

A family gathering

A couple of weeks ago something pretty lovely happened, we had a family gathering. For my family this is quite a big deal, sadly the only time we're usually all in the same place is for a funeral so this was a nice change. It was a big deal for my Dad especially, he had been looking forward to his Mum coming to see his new home, and as she goes into her 89th year it was important for him that she came up while she is still able. My Nan and Aunt both live in Cornwall so drove up for an afternoon of family time, minus my uncle! It was so lovely to have 4 generations of Ginn's in one place, especially now there is a great grandchild running around. Despite a bit of sibling bickering (my Dad and his big Sis, ha) the day was a big success. We ate, reminisced, took photos, played with tractors and laughed, a lot! 

As always here are a few photos from our family day..

My Nan/The Boss/The Legend

I hope this will become a more regular thing, there really is no excuse for not making more effort to see each other.


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