Friday, 17 May 2013

May bank holiday part 1

Hello lovelies. This post is a bit belated, in fact I'm not too sure how the bank holiday weekend was so long ago? Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed it whatever you did, can you believe we actually had a sunny bank holiday in the UK? Shocking! It was great, I even got a few tan lines which is always a bonus. The weekend before the bank holiday I took my brother to get his first tattoos, he was a trooper and got 3 in one sitting, not bad hey? Naturally I couldn't go to a tattoo shop and not get something so I took the plunge and got one of my feet tattooed, something I'd been putting off for a couple of years after hearing so many horror stories. The good news is it wasn't bad at all, and I'm booked in again next week to get the other foot done too.
I thought long and hard about what to get on them, I have a list of tattoos that I want but I'm still decided on their locations. Anyway, I decided to go down the traditional route and have a foot dedicated to each set of grandparents. I've chosen a nautical theme for this foot as my Dad's parents met in Newquay during the war, so an anchor seemed appropriate (and a bit nicer than getting a cigar and cigarette, one of my biggest memories of them both), and I've joined it with a scroll filled with their names, there's a photo down below. Next week I will be getting a sword and rose, with my Mum's parents names, my grandads swords from the war were his pride and joy, and my nan has a bed of roses in memory of my mum, so it will have a nice sentiment to me, there will no doubt be photos of this to come. 

Unfortunately having a big fat swollen and slightly infected foot tattoo didn't come in too handy with the hot weather we had over the bank holiday. Rich & I had planned numerous bike rides which were slightly less comfortable than I had hoped, and I had to try and cover my foot without putting anything too clingy on it so it could breath, what a mission. On the monday we set off to the Turf hotel on the Exe Estuary, a 13 mile round trip in a nice wind meant not getting too hot and uncomfortable, but I have never seen so many cyclists in my life. Before that day my bell had purely been a fashion accessory as it annoys me immensely when cyclists ring their bell at me to move on a footpath, but my god the ignorance of some people took over. Even on stretches where there was a footpath, cycle path and road the pedestrians still walked on the cycle path and shot dirty looks when you tried to pass them, it was frustrating to say the least. It was a lovely day to be at the Turf though. The sea mist was lingering over the estuary which made for great photos and a lovely view. Families were everywhere enjoying each others company and the yummy BBQ, the only down side was paying £6.40 for 2 Pepsi's, I'll be taking a packed lunch next time. We cruised home, soaking up the sun and taking advantage of the wind pushing us along.

I apologise now if you're bored of my bike related posts, but my new love affair with Claudia is still very much in the honeymoon period and seeing as it's spring/summer I'm sure she'll be making an appearance a fair bit.

Thanks for reading and happy Friday.


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