Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Wednesday Wish List #2

This week my 'Wednesday wish list' is specialising in push bikes. For the last year or so I've been searching for the perfect bike and this year I decided to put all my birthday pennies together and make the purchase. My search criteria consisted of: vintage style; a basket and at least 3 gears (Exeter is pretty hilly). Simple hey? Not so much, well unless you have an unlimited amount of funds. Here are just a few of my favourite bikes that are around at the moment.

The Dawes Duchess in Plum is a beauty.

I was originally looking at Windsor bike but then I discovered the Claud Butler Cambridge came in red (this is soon to be mine yipee!)

I absolutely love the colour of the Victoria Pendleton Somerby bike by Halfords.


Ahh the Bobbin Firefly, so traditional looking!

And finally my absolute favourite bike is the Pashley Britianna, if money was no object one of these babies would be in my shed right now!

If you have a vintage style bike I'd love to see it. No doubt I'll be dedicating a post to the arrival of Claudia the Claud Butler later this week.


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