Monday, 1 April 2013


Hooray spring is finally here, although it didn't feel like it was ever going to arrive for a while there, the longer days, sunshine and spring flowers are FINALLY upon us. Things have been fairly busy in my little world, I had another exam to study for, which I'm pleased to say I finally passed, sadly the next one is booked for the end of may sob. This coupled with the fact that Rich and I had an upcoming 'gig week' to save our pennies for meant staying a little closer to home for a couple of weeks and spending a bit of time exploring the lovely city we live in.

For a change I thought I'd share a couple of photos from what I've been up to lately, because it wouldn't be a real post without being photobombed. So here they are...

Watching: American Horror Story - not for the faint hearted
Lilly sure does love her monkey
Stepcote Hill, Exeter
Inside Exeter Book Cycle (trying to look intellectual)
'The House that moved'
Rich & Grafitti
Me & grafitti
It's a hard life being a cat - Percy
Percy trying to invade Arnie's space = a paw slap
Tulips & Daffs, I love spring
An owl from Amsterdam
Morning stare off
I  love a morning fur invasion
She loves to watch the doggies out of the window

I'm also hoping to devote a bit more time and attention to blogging, including attempting a new layout to try and jazz this baby up a bit (Rich thinks it's a bit dull compared to some of the fancy pants blogs I've shown him). I'd like to attempt so regular posts including things I do on a regular basis to give you more of an insight into my life. If anyone has any tips or can recommend any websites with tips on blog design etc I'd love to hear them.

This weekend Rich and I are at our country retreat aka cat and house sitting at my Dad's while he's away for a couple of days. I love sitting by the window watching the birds, it's so peaceful.

Thanks for reading.



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