Tuesday, 16 April 2013

3 Gigs, 3 Cities, 5 Days: No 2 Stereophonics

The second leg of our 'gig week' was a trip to Plymouth to see the Stereophonics. As their new album 'Graffiti on the train' is a bit different to their usual sound, so they put on a mini tour at a handful of smaller venues to road test the new music and see how it was received. We'd read a couple of reviews from the previous gigs, mostly good although it sounded like the crowd weren't too impressed at Cheltenham, but we went with an open mind (well I did, Rich loves them either way). 

It's fair to say they didn't disappoint. I hadn't listened to the new album much but it definitely worked live. The crowd seemed to enjoy it just as much as we did and I'm pretty sure most people had a sing song at some point during the gig. Indian Summer and Been Caught Cheating were definitely my favourite songs from the new album, I love the bluesy style of Been Caught Cheating. All in all it was a great gig, after a fairly average support guy they played for 2 hours which was awesome, the only down side was being stuck behind the tallest men in the world wherever we stood, being vertically challenged sucks at gigs!

Rich took a couple of photos of the band...

I'll be back with gig number 3 later this week.


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