Friday, 4 January 2013

New Years Day

As promised I am back with a New Years day post full of photos of furry, and some not so furry, friends. I can safely say that I much prefer New Years day to New Years eve, when I used to go clubbing the new years hype never lived up to expectations, you spent a load of money on an expensive ticket, queued for half an hour every time you wanted a drink so sobered up pretty quickly, and then suffered all of new years day. 
Now that I'm taking on the life of an old lady, I much prefer a good film and takeaway followed by a morning walk along the beach to celebrate the new year. 

This year was particularly nice, Rich and I had already planned to take Lilly for a nice run, she loves the beach, and my family decided to come along too. My dad came with his partner, sister came with hers and my nephew, and my brother came with his girlfriend and her dogs, it was awesome. We talked, walked, got slobbered on, paddled, picked up poo, and really blew away the cobwebs. Apparently a lot of people had the same idea as the beach was packed! 

So just for a change, here are a load of photos from our lovely walk. I think we needed it to make room for the scrummy roast that followed...

James and 'Bear'
Erica and a grumpy 'I've just woken up' Jack
Lilly, Bear and Phoebe
Dog chasing the birds
I cried a little bit at this dog
Lilly digging
Alice, Julie, Dad, James and Phoebe
Lilly and her boyfriend
Julie, Dad, Alice & James
Jack and Al
Al, Jack, Erica, Alice, James, Dad, Julie and Phoebe
The gang walking 
Lilly / Beach

Hope I haven't bored you to death but trying to narrow down which photos to use was too hard,


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  1. Great photos, I think I would have had a little cry at the dogs on wheels as well:'/