Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Like pretty much anyone with a mobile phone these days, I love Instagram. So much so I probably end up neglecting my other cameras just to be able to use the app. Recently a friend introduced me to 'iprintagram', an app where you can order your instagram photos to be printed. It's fairly pricey at £2.99 for 3 photos on what seems to be photo paper that I could buy and print on at home. But with the little things aside, I just love the polaroid style photos.

Luckily I'd just been to see my nephew, who was cracking out the funniest faces I've seen in ages so I took a few photos and ordered them straight away. Here are the final products...

Cute hey? I'm pretty chuffed with them and I'm looking forward to putting a little collection together. Admittedly I might buy some photo paper and have a go at doing it myself, but I think they're fun and could make some great presents.

If you know of any other fun photo apps please let me know.


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