Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Day tripping #8 'A La Ronde'

It feels like a lifetime ago since I last wrote a 'Day tripping' post. Well now I'm back, with yet another National Trust treasure for you. Most weekends usually get divided into 1 day out and about and 1 day at home to watch football/do housework/pack, so last Saturday we decided to make use of my Dad's National Trust membership once more, and go and visit another local treat. I downloaded the NT app on my iPhone, it's pretty awesome and tells you all the locations near you on a map, as well as all the estates in the UK. 

One place we hadn't been to yet is A La Ronde at Exmouth. I'd driven past it so many times but never stopped to see what it was, queue history lesson... The house was built in the 18th century and has an awesome 16 sides. This means some of the rooms are pretty tiny, as are the hidden staircases but it's pretty cool inside. 

The people that lived there had a major shell fetish, annoyingly my photos were out of focus but there were two rooms in particular where the walls were decorated purely with shells, impressive huh! So anyway here are a few photos from our visit, I think my favourite bit was the turning of the leaves on the ivy. I can't wait for autumn leaves to kick in.

Take care,


  1. I hope you didn't use a flash on your camera, mine went off by mistake and I was almost wrestled to the ground by old ladies!

    1. Haha, I had that problem at Castle Drogo.
      We were stalked around one room though after one of the curators farted while he was talking to us and we couldn't stop giggling.

  2. I've never been there, looks lovely. I'm liking that car! :) xx

    1. It only takes about 20 mins to walk around but it's really cool. I love the shape of it, and the car :) It's my dream to have a morris traveller and use it as a campercar xx