Sunday, 2 September 2012

Photo a Day - September

Last month I attempted the 'photo a day' challenge that features every month on Fat Mum Slim's blog. Unfortunately I didn't get very far, mostly because there were many days where I couldn't find anything I wanted to photograph what was on the list, so I gave up. The few photos I did take are here:

Outside - a duck in a bow tie
One - Coffee #1
Logo - Weston Super Mare Grand Pier
Writing - the writing surrounding the Cathedral
But seeing as I was pretty excited about taking a photo a day, I've come up with a list that's a bit more appealing to me (I'm sure that's probably not the point but meh), and I'm going to give it another go this month. The list is as follows:

1. Something you bought
2. View today
3. Animal/insect/pet
4. Building
5. Grateful for
6. Flower
7. Drink
8. Best part of your day
9. Garden
10. Busy
11. Orange
12. Out and about
13. Close up
14. Weather
15. Reflection
16. Cup
17. Number
18. Technology
19. Clouds
20. Unusual
21. Green
22. A Stranger
23. Inspiration
24. Sign
25. Morning
26. Vegetable
27. Black and white
28. Time
29. On your plate
30. Door
31. Texture

Hopefully this time I'll do better and see it through. Here's to a snap happy September!



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  1. Love the duck! I've thought of doing this but know I would give up after a few days! x