Thursday, 17 May 2012

A very Scottish wedding!

I'll keep this post relatively short and sweet. Last month the bf and I were invited to my lovely friend Kim's wedding in Bath, and what a wedding it was. I absolutely love Bath as a city, it's full of character and charm, plus some good shops too. We arrived in plenty of time so we could find somewhere to park and get to the church without rushing (we even had a spare 5 minutes so I could pop into Cath Kidston - fitting a few purchases in a small handbag was a mission in itself). The ceremony itself was in St Michael's church, somewhere I'd never paid much attention too despite it being opposite the CK store. Needless to say the church was beautiful, but nothing compared to how beautiful Kim looked when she arrived. If you know me you'll know I cry at anything, and this was no exception. Seeing Kim beaming at Alan as she walked down the isle made me well up like you wouldn't believe, they looked so happy and content, it was fabulous. 

After the ceremony was the drinks reception at the Guildhall, yet another amazing venue (the chandeliers alone cost £1m each), and a chance to congratulation the new Mr and Mrs Glasgow properly. Needless to say the meal and speeches were both lovely, and very very funny. We then headed over towards the Roman Baths for the evening drinks reception where the following photos were taken. 
Mr and Mrs Glasgow
Mine and the bf's name cards.
The Roman Baths.
The bf and I.

I was blown away by the Roman Baths, especially by how beautifully lit they were. It's a truly magical setting for magical wedding, and totally fitting for the newly weds. I guess all I have left to say is a massive congratulations to Mr and Mrs Glasgow, may your future bring you as much happiness as your wonderful day did. 


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